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Weekly Schedule & Prayer Times
Monday through Friday Sephardic Shacharit at 6:30am
Monday and Thursday Ashkenazi Shacharit at 6:40am
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Ashkenazi Schacharit minyan at 6:45 am
Mincha 6:45 pm (both Minyanim)
Sunday Schacharit both minyanim 8:00 am
Friday Mincha (both minyanim) 6:30pm,
Candle lighting 6:47 pm
Shabbat Shacharit Haskahma Minyan 7:45am
Shabbat Shacharit Sephardic Minyan 9:00am
Shabbat Shacharit Ashkenazi Minyan 9:15am

Shabbat Mincha (both minyanim) 6:35 pm
Havadalah, SF 7:35 pm ASH 7:49 pm
Schacharit both minyanim 8:00 am

Our Clergy

Come visit our Clergy page and meet Rabbi Elias, Rabbi Moses, and our Cantor, Alex J Katz. Click here for more information.

Youth Programs

Our mission is to stimulate and challenge the minds of our students throughout their day, as they grow socially, intellectually, ethically, and physically. Click here for more information.